Basic Customizations (Big Cartel)

Most of the theme design customizations can be made directly through the 'Customize' panel in your Big Cartel account. Those customizations include:

  • Uploading a logo
  • Uploading slideshow images
  • Changing your color scheme
  • Changing your fonts
  • Editing slideshow text
  • Setting number of products per page
  • Setting number of featured products
  • Linking to your social media profiles

[Video] Color and Font Configuration

Default Settings

To view the default color, font and text settings (as shown in the theme demo), open the ' demo_settings' file in your theme folder. The content in that folder may look something like this:

"share_buttons": true, 
"show_search": true, 
"secondary_product_images": "full", 
"products_per_page": 8, 
"border_color": "#cccccc", 
"header_link_hover": "#999999",

but with additional lines of default settings. You can refer to this file for which default settings to choose in the 'Customize' panel for setting up the theme. 

Additional Customizations

Certain customizations require going directly into the edit panels of your Big Cartel shop pages. Not to worry! Many of these customizations can still be done without any coding knowledge. This is done by changing the assigned variable. 

For example, if you wanted move your category links from the dropdown menu (under the link 'Shop') to the main navigation,  you'd search for the following control in your 'Layout' edit page:

{% assign: Categories_in_Nav_Display = 'Dropdown' %} {{ Options: 'Dropdown' or 'Main Nav' }}

And then change 'Dropdown' to 'Main Nav', so your control looks like this:

{% assign: Categories_in_Nav_Display = 'Main Nav' %} {{ Options: 'Dropdown' or 'Main Nav' }}

Some other customizations you can make include:

  • Adding a favicon image
  • Setting the number of products per row

[Video] Configuring Products per Row and Social Media Profile Links

Advanced Customizations

Do you need more advanced tweaks and customizations beyond what's possible through our theme controls? Check out our Big Cartel Shop Tweaks page and fill out the form to request a quote.

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