Tabbed Product Description Setup (Storenvy)

NOTE: These instructions apply to themes that support tabbed product descriptions, or product descriptions divided into panels and activated by clicking a tab. The first products of the theme in the demo should display tabbed descriptions to indicate that the feature is included.

To separate the product description of a product into tabs, go into the edit description field on that product can include the following tag after each set of text that you separate:


For example:

Intro text....blah blah blah blah...   [tab]   Content for 'Details' tab....blah blah blah blah   [tab]   Content for 'Sizing' tab....blah blah blah blah   [tab]   Content for 'Shipping' tab....blah blah blah blah' 

This will separate your product description into the following fields:

  • Intro text, which shows right below the product price / social share icons
  • Tab 1 content 
  • Tab 2 content
  • Tab 3 content

After setting up the description, to set the actual names of the tabs, go to your 'Product' edit page, and locate the following control:

{% assign: Tabs = "Details|Shipping|Questions" | split: '|' %} 

Currently the there are three tabs, set to 'Details', 'Shipping', and 'Questions'. These tabs apply to all product descriptions that are broken up with the  [tab] tag. 

So if you wanted to change the tab titles to 'Details', 'Sizing' and 'Shipping', you'd change the controls to look like this:

{% assign: Tabs = "Details|Sizing|Shipping" | split: '|' %}

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