Home Page Content Block Setup (Storenvy)

Home page content blocks (non-product images below the slider) are created as 'Collections' in your Storenvy admin. To create a content block, click the ' Products' link and then the 'Manage Collections' link in your Storenvy admin. 

After that, click the ' Add New Collection' button. 

To set up the slide, in the ' Name' field, include the content block heading, followed by the [slide] tag:

Biker Jackets [cb]

But replace 'Biker Jackets' with your actual content block heading.

In the ' Photo' field, click the 'Choose File' button to upload the content block image.

In the ' Description' field, add the following template:

[subhead]:: Get 'em While You Can ::[subhead] 
[action]:: Check it Out ::[action] 
[link]:: /products ::[link]
  • The text between the [subhead] tags is the Sub heading text of the content block
  • The text between the [action] tags is the action button text of the content block
  • The text between the [link] tags is the url (page on your site) you want the content block to link to. In the example above, '/products' is short for 'http://yourshop.storenvy.com/products'.

After setting up the content block details, make sure to check the box " Hide Collection In Navigation" so that the collection name (the content block) doesn't appear in your header or sidebar navigation with your real collections/categories.

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