Instagram Feed (Big Cartel)

If your theme supports an Instagram Feed, you can generate your own Instagram feed by using   LightWidget or Juicer. You'll need to log into your Instagram account through Lightwidget or Juicer to connect it. Upon doing so, you can configure the appearance of your Instagram feed and preview it.

After configuring the feed appearance, click the ' Get Code' button and scroll down to obtain your LightWidget Instagram feed code.

To change the default Instagram feed code to your own, locate the following control in the ' Home' edit page of your Big Cartel admin:

{% capture: Instagram_Widget_Code %} 
<!-- LightWidget WIDGET --><script src="//"></script><iframe src="//" id="lightwidget_00617f55ff" name="lightwidget_00617f55ff"  scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 100%; border: 0; overflow: hidden;"></iframe> {
{% endcapture %}

And replace the code between the ' capture' and 'endcapture' lines, starting with the text  with your own Instagram feed code.

Since the Instagram feed can't be previewed within your Big Cartel admin, you'll need to view your live site to see the Instagram feed.

Hide Instagram Feed

If you'd like to hide the Instagram feed, locate the following control in your 'Home' edit page:

{% assign: Show_Instagram_Feed = 'Yes' %}

and change 'Yes' to 'No'.

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