Sub Category Setup (Big Cartel)

In order to create a sub category, you must first create a "parent" category. This would be the category that the sub category belongs to.

Once a parent category is established, create a sub category by creating a new category which includes the name of the parent category followed by a hyphen, "  - " , with exactly one space on each side of the hyphen, and the name of the sub category.

Check out the table below for sub category setup naming:

Parent Category Sub Categories How to Name Sub Categories
T-Shirts V-Necks T-Shirts -  V-Necks
T-Shirts Crewneck T-Shirts -  Crewneck
Fleece Hooded Fleece -  Hooded
Fleece Crewneck Fleece -  Crewneck

Check out the screenshot below for an example of multiple parent categories and sub categories:

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